My dear friends!

     It is already 15th time when we post the welcoming remarks to our festival!!!

     It's 15th salsa-madness in Rostov awaiting for us!!!

     We never said that we have the best salsa-event before. But we knew it from you.

     We were the first to make theme nights (from Hawaiian in 2003 to Palladium in 2011), but it became boring for us when it turned into mainstream.

     We were the first to make a festival without workshops and you enjoyed it.

     We were ready to change a concept again, but you insisted to stay "relaxed" one more time.

     Well... As you desire... let's have "Relax"!!!      Let's score a full ride! Open air night parties, pools and lakes daytimes! Rostov is ready to welcome you!!!

     We start with the pre-party 3rd of August, 2017 and we finish with the after-party 7th of August.

     To be honest, it doesn't make much sense to call it "pre" and "after" parties, because the majority of our guests come for the whole 5 days, but it's a tradition...

     We are waiting for you on those 5 days which you were waiting for the rest 360 days.

     We are ready to welcome you!!!