Experienced dancer who have at least once danced on his feet until red-raw on smooth and shiny dance floors of the Third Front Reload is always aware of news about the next one and is keen to look for details and Easter eggs in every announcement. And if you are of this kind, you probably already mentioned the new logo whispering a secret about changes in 2019.

     But if not, this announcement is for you, because this year you will have a chance to learn to see the undermeanings in the posts of the organizers.

     Those who have been dreaming to visit the Third Front but was not confident enough, those who want to become a guru of New York style, those who is already walking along the line but is not used to live in it, those who comes a little bit earlier will have a special week before the event. A week of “full immersion”.

     The main part of the festival will start first weekend of August just as always, 1st of August. The week of full immersion is planned to start 27th of July.

     Five days saturated with structured classes of NY style in specific “upfront” group with gender balance. Basics, footwork, musicality, style, unusual patterns and “secrets of Rostov salsa” from famous Boogaloo teachers – Marin Vanyushina, Denis Romanov, Sergey Timofeev!

     The number of participants is limited.

     Classes will take place from Saturday 27th till 31st of July from 12:00 till 15:30

     17,5 hours of full immersion!

     After classes, the dancers will be visiting “salsa-practics” in “Boogaloo” club, parties and usual classes which will have more of a “practics” format. Everything is included into the price of a package

     All participants will get 20% discount for the festival!!!

     Who can take part? Everyone who has a little experience in dancing NY style, at least simple basics such as cross-body, usual spins and basics of cooperation in couples. We are happy to see more experienced dancers, who are wishing to understand the peculiarities of Rostov NY.

     The price of the course is 5000 rubles, which makes it 285 rubles per hour.

     Inquiries and payment are accepted until May 31. By that date we will be sure if this experiment will work or not – depends on the amount of inquiries.