This year the partner hotel of the event is “Marins Park Hotel” (former Rostov hotel). Our previous pal, Don-Plaza hotel decided to raise prices and we thought that it might be the right time to try something new! Location of this hotel is just as good as the previous one or maybe even better, and prices are better without any doubts – 2800 RUB per double room and 2500RUB per single. Payment is made upon arrival. You may send your requests at with “salsa-festival” mark or by phone +7-863-2907-666 add. 4824 (manager: Emma).

     Jumping ahead a bit, I would love to say that breakfast for salsa people (which is included) is going to start at 06:30 specially for you.

     Bus delivery to the parties out of downtown and back to the hotel will be organized just as always.

     Now about invitation. You may still use Don-Plaza hotel website without booking a room.

     They provide visa support. Just fill in the form, proceed payment and they will send you an invitation.

     Here is the link: