Attention! Changes in festival schedule!

Due to the fact that we have managed to organize your favorite Pirs place last minute, we have decided to change the schedule because we think it is for the best!!!

August, 3rd. Thursday
21:00-00:30. Pre-party and registration
"Ludovik" Bar
10, Goroda Volos street, Rostov-on-Don
We meet, we hug each other, kiss, dance, drink and register!
Favorite place of Rostov salsa crowd. The is no bus delivery, because "Ludovik" bar is in the downtown and it is easy to walk there.
We have decided to refuse "Yunost" because the bar is too far from the dance floor there and music cannot be loud after 23:00.

August, 4th. Friday
23:00-05:30. First party — opening and registration.
"Leventsovsky" sport complex.
2/7, Zhdanova street, Rostov-on-Don
A new place – 500 square meters of dance floor in a brand new sport complex. Lights, sound, bar, good music. Round way buses.

August, 5th. Saturday
“Solnechnyi” country-club
Address: 17b, Vostochnoye Schosse, Bataisk
Huge pool, decks, restaurant, bar, volleyball, hookah and live music. Music style – Cuban beach. Attention!!! Acoustic performance from "Changito" band!!! Welcome snacks, round way bus delivery are included in entrance fee.

00:00 – 06:00
"Pier" club
16, Beregovaya str, Rostov-on-Don
Finally it's Pirs!!!! Second night party at the favorite place of festival guests - "Pirs" restaurant at the Don bank. No buses delivery - downtown.

August, 6th. Sunday
“Carrera” beach.
Address: 17, Peskova street
Rostov Kazantip, lake, bar, sand, music. Wakeboarding, welcome snacks, melons and watermelons are included in entrance fee!!! Round way buses.

“Malibu” country club
69, Levoberezhnaya street
Favorite place for all Rostov guests. New dancefloor in installed, BBQ is already hot, musicians are already preparing new mambo-program. Perfect place to meet sunrise at 05:30 at the bank of the Don river!!! Round way buses.

August, 7th. Monday
21:00 – 00:30 After-party
"Ludovik" bar
Address: 10, Goroda Volos street, Rostov-on-Don
We cry, we are saying warm words, we say goodbyes. Self delivery.